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July 13-14th will be the 10th annual Barnstorming Carnival. This is a FREE community event that allows you to experience the Golden Age of Aviation. Located at the historical Springfield Beckley Airport in Springfield, Ohio. *FREE ADMISSION* event brings aviation enthusiasts and the community together. The Barnstorming Carnival is the opportunity to experience some of the rarest 1920's,1930's, and 1940's aircraft gathered together in our local area. This event is an investment in our community and youth. We need to provide more opportunities to our youth so they can develop the tools they need and passion for the future.

Over the past years the event has grown bigger and better each and every year. With over 5000 happy spectators last year, our mission is to share our antique aircraft with the general public and to provide many activities for everyone of all ages to enjoy. A variety of activities will be scheduled such as kids peddle planes, paper rocket building workshops, foam glider building, balloon tying clowns, magic shows, and a display of rare antique aircraft with real barnstormers who will share their aviation knowledge with all. 


All of the aircraft on display were from the 1920's through the 40's or replicas of that era. Historical barnstorming biplanes from the actual 20's and 30's such as (Travel Airs, New Standards, Waco's, Great Lakes and Bucker Jungmann's) were present. Other interesting aircraft that have attended the event each year have included the most popular Pietenpol Aircamper, Fairchild 22, David monoplane and a WWI replica Sopwith Pup. 


Saturday and Sunday gates open at 8:00 am  

Fly-in/ Drive in breakfast

Pancake breakfast hosted by the Hustead EMS 

 both days 8:00-11:00

 Donation per breakfast and proceeds goes to Hustead EMS.

Breakfast is open to the public. 


We have 


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Sunday JULY 14th
   11:00 - 4:00

Hosted by JJ Davenport

Cruise in and enjoy the day at the Barnstorming Carnival. The popular JJ Davenport will be hosting this years classic car cruise-in. Any and all cars are welcomed. 

Antique Car

 This is where dreams start. 


What is a barnstormer?

Barnstormers were pilots, many were men that had severed in WWI but there were also women, and minorities that traveled the United States in the early 1920's and 30's selling airplane rides and doing aerial tricks for a living. They would travel from town to town with their good looks and charm. Barnstormers introduced millions of Americans to the sky well before organized commercial air travel was put in place. Most notably, the Gates Flying Circus flew 750-800 thousand people in their nine years of existence. Today, modern day barnstormers are still as unique as their counterparts from 90 years ago. At this carnival, you will get to meet barnstormers from Virginia, North and South Carolina, Ohio, and other surrounding states. This is one of the many stops for the barnstormers as they move northwest through parts of Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin during, the barnstorming season.

Vintage aircraft on display range from the 1920's -1940's.  Talk with the  barnstormers and learn about their beautiful flying machines. You will not experience a more unique gathering anywhere else in the area.

Aircraft Display




Help support the 2024 Barnstorming Carnival. 

Download the attached sponsorship package and look at what incentives we have to offer you. With your support we will be able to offer more to our community.

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