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Biplane Rides

Open Cockpit Biplane Rides

July 12 10:00-7:00

July 13-14th  8:00- Dark

$80.00 Per Person


Come and experience a flight of a lifetime in one of our beautiful biplanes. Take a 15 minute barnstormer flight with one of the barnstormers in a beautifully restored 1929 Travel Air 4000 or D-25 New Standard. 

Purchase tickets at the event. We can accept Cash or Credit card. 

Travel Air 4000   

The Travel Air 4000 " Ace" is one of the most popular biplanes ever built and flown as a barnstormer aircraft. Ace is able to carry up to two passengers at a time. 

D-25 New Standard


Only 8 New Standards are flying today. The New Standard was designed for the Gates Flying Circus from the 1920's. Ivan Gates wanted a four passenger biplane so thats what they built.

When you take a flight experience with the barnstormers. You will receive a

free photo.

Biplane Ride Video


D-25 New Standard


Dewey (Mr Goodfolk) Davenport & Ted (Scooter) Davis


Travel Air 4000 (Ace)


Some wonderful biplane riders


biplane riders posing with the D-25 New Standard


Ted Scooter Davis and his D-25 New Standard.

It's #aokay to take a #biplane #ride in #acethebiplane

Biplane riders in the Travel Air.

Warbird Rides
by Kestrel Warbird 

Call and make your appointment ahead or just show up for a ride of a lifetime.

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